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Why Nutrition Labels are Important

So you've decided that you want to eat healthy, but how do you implement that into your daily life? If you don't want to dive into the world of macro and micro nutrients, you look at the nutrition label.

An important part of the nutrition label that you should always consider, is that they are broken down into serving sizes. If you see that a box of cookies is 190 calories, that doesn't mean that that accounts for the entire box. So, the first thing that you should look at is the serving size before you take into account the nutritional information and make your purchasing decision.

The ingredient list is probably the most eye opening part of a nutrition label. If you are celiac, allergic to peanuts or have any other food related intolerances, you are no stranger to the importance of an ingredient list. The ingredients can open your eyes in other ways as well, though. We don't realize how many preservatives are added to the majority of our foods. Sugar is another sneaky ingredient. Sugar is added to many foods that we would not even consider such as ketchup, tomato sauce, bread and nut butters. It is also identified a variety of ways on a label such as, glucose, corn syrup, barley malt and so many more!

Ingredient lists can be overwhelming to read because there are so many unknowns, which is why we have seen such a shift in our eating culture to more natural foods. All of these considerations tie back into weight loss and healthy living.

Generally, if you are reading a nutrition label it is because you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are some foods that we know aren't healthy for us (though that doesn't mean you should never indulge!), but there are others that are hiding in plain sight. There are also foods that are high in some areas like calories and fat, that are still considered healthy, so it really is a balancing act. We suggest you take note of the calories, fat, cholesterol, sugar and sodium, but also glance at the nutrition label. You might not be allergic to red dye 40, but if you see it on the ingredient list of your popcorn it might cause you to pause and question what really is in the food you are eating. Healthy eating is all about being aware of what you are putting into your body, and how your body responds.

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