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What to Exepect in our Surge Pop Up

Pop ups have become something of a trend in recent years. There are pop up boutiques, pop up bars and pop up classes of different sorts. OUr favorite type of pop up class, as you can probably guess, is the workout pop up. You might have joined us last year for some of our pop up classes at Bold Rock and thanks to our friendly semi-neighbors over on Kanuga, we’re excited to bring back our pop ups this year! We invite everyone to join us at Dry Falls Brewing on April 20 at 10:30 for our first pop up Surge class of the year! After the class, attendees will have an exclusive 30 minutes at the brewery before they officially open for the day to enjoy a drink and cool down after we heat it up.

But what can you expect from a pop up class you might be wondering? We’re here to tell you! If you’ve ever been to a class at Root Performance, you will remember that a lot of what we do involves mobile pieces of equipment. With the exception of our cardio machines and a few other hefty pieces that would break backs to lift, almost everything we use in class can be transported with us no matter where we go.

At our class at Dry Falls you can expect to encounter cardio and strength training the same way you would at our physical location on Seventh Avenue. We will transport resistance bands and light weights to incorporate into our circuit workout.

Haven’t ever been to a class at Root? No problem! A pop up class is the perfect time to try something new without the intimidation factor of walking into a

n unfamiliar gym for the first time. We at Root don’t believe in gymtimidation, but we understand that trying out a new workout can be intimidating if you don’t know what you’re getting in to.

If you want to learn more about our Surge classes, we urge you to check out our class descriptions right here on the website, and read some of our other blogs that discuss what an HIIT workout is and why we follow this structure in our classes.

The best part about this pop up class? It’s completely free! We want everyone to feel welcome into the Root environment, so even if you are feeling hesitant, you’ve got nothing to lose but a little sweat! We hope to see you there, make sure to RSVP on our Facebook event!