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We Love Meal Prepping, Do You?

Meal prepping is a great way to avoid the natural urge to binge eat around the holidays. With all of the holiday treats that inevitably end up around your house, self control and portion control can be extremely difficult! Trust us, we know, Christmas cookies are THE bomb and also A bomb in your diet if you have trouble having just one.

One of the most effective things you can do to portion control all the time, but especially around the holidays, is meal prep. Meal prepping might seem time consuming because you are spending one chunk of time cooking instead of 45 minutes here and there, but in reality it's a huge time saver! No longer will you have to think or stress about what you are going to have for each meal and whether or not it will be healthy. No longer will you worry about whether or not you've accurately guessed portion sizes. No more will you have to worry about making a meal when you get home from a long day at work. Meal prepping saves you time, energy and possibly, even money!

Can you tell we're in huge supporter of a good meal prep? Of course there are apps that can help you find recipes and so many food blogs that even help you plan your entire week, the important thing to take note of is the nutrition facts and the ingredient lists. Like we said in last week's post, nutritional labels in the grocery store can be misleading, so always be aware of what ingredients your recipes require. There are apps that you can use like My Fitness Pal or Lifesum that will even suggest healthy recipes for you, and can act as a food journal.

Additionally, we at Root Performance Fitness can assist with your meal planning as a part of our Rootrition program. Exercise is not the only component to a healthy lifestyle, so we have worked to create an environment that can address the healthy of the whole person, not just their fitness. The holidays can be tough for healthy eating, but meal prepping can take away some of the anxiety!