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The Importance of Family

You might be a little confused when we talk about incorporating our family values into Root Performance Fitness as a business. How can family possibly be incorporated into a gym, you might ask. Part of the reason that we put such an emphasis on our #RootFitFam is because of the important role that family plays in our lives. Come to any given group class and you might run into a spouse or sibling of one of our amazing trainers. Attend a run club and you might find full families participating as a way to spend healthy time together outside. Sign your kiddos up for a children’s class this summer and see that fitness classes aren’t only reserved for adults! However you get in touch with Root we challenge you to take a moment and observe the wonderful dynamic created by our members and trainers.

The community here in Hendersonville IS our family and we are so thrilled to be a part of such a supportive family. We hope that if you haven’t gotten the chance to meet some of our awesome members and trainers that you will consider joining us for our RPF Social on March 30 at Southern App. We’re lucky that the Seventh Avenue small business community bands together to support each other in any way possible. So come out and see what we’re all about, because Root truly is more than just a gym, it’s a place where you accountability partners become friends