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Start Your Summer Fun With Us!

When the weather starts warming up and the days get longer, we tend to have more energy to do pretty much anything. So why does it seem like continuing our exercise routine throughout the summer can at times feel more difficult than when we’re in winter hibernation mode?

The summer brings family vacations, weekends spent by the pool, evening trips to get ice cream after dinner. All of these activities might seem like more fun than working out, we get it! And you might be saying, why would I want to be in a gym when I could be outside? We understand! Trust us, we love the summer in the mountains too.

Because we understand this aversion to feeling confined to a gym when the weather is beautiful, we do our best to incorporate the outdoors into your workouts every chance we get. That is why we have partnered with various breweries to host pop-up classes utilizing their outdoor spaces. We also have our free weekly run club where we tackle the local greenways! But in order to get the most out of these speciality classes or clubs, staying with your routine is key, even in the summer.

Our workouts can help you gain the strength to throw your kiddo a few inches further in the pool. After work workouts can re-energize you, so that when you get home you have that extra burst of energy to play in the yard or enjoy the evening while it’s still light out. Long story short, we know you want to be outside during the summer, but the foundation that you lay in the gym will serve to benefit you during all summer activities. Not to mention, that a healthy heart is a happy heart!

So join us for one of our pop-up classes to see what we’re all about. Then, consider dropping in for a class in the gym to experience a personal training feel in a group workout setting. Our first pop-up class of the season is April 20 at Dry Falls. Check out the event here!