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Spring Into Fitness

Here in the mountains we’ve had a cold and rainy winter. Let’s face it, it’s hard to find motivation to do pretty much anything when the weather outside is so terrible. We’ve all been there. Call it hibernation. Call it lack of motivation. Call it a winter slump. The fact of the matter is that gym attendance in the winter drops drastically. But now, the weather is warming up,  the sun sometimes shines (wishful thinking, we know), and it’s the time of year when everyone starts pondering their “summer bodies.”

Now we always encourage people to workout for themselves, not for anyone else. But everyone needs to find a form of motivation to move, and if getting in shape for the summer is yours, go with it! The biggest problem that people face is the intimidation of starting to exercise again after you’ve taken a few months off. This is one of the main reasons that we strive at Root to create a non-intimidating environment. We want to meet everyone where they are to build a strong foundation instead of setting unrealistic expectations. We’ve compiled a few tips on how to ease yourself back into working out, and create the right mindset for success.

1. Set realistic goals

The worst mistake you can make it trying to overcompensate for your lack of movement, but overextending your body right off the bat. You risk injury and it’s not good for your mindset to strive for something that is simply not achievable right at this moment. Instead, set a workout routine goal, or pick something trackable like how long you can run without walking and make it a goal to improve each week. These goals are meant to keep you inspired, and not deflate you, so be honest with yourself when creating them

2. Stay consistent

In order to continue improving your fitness you have to stick to a schedule. That doesn’t mean that you should never take a rest day, believe it or not they’re good for you! It means that you cannot exercise once every two weeks and expect to see continual improvement. Push yourself to stay consistent even if that means setting up a workout schedule each week to plot when, where and how you are going to work exercise into your daily routine.

3. Start your workout with a good warmup and cool down

We cannot stress enough the importance of your warmup and cool down. At Root we incorporate dynamic stretching into our workouts so that your muscles are warm when we start class. At the end of class we stretch and foam roll to ease the muscles that might have experienced some strain throughout the class. This also helps with soreness. Stretching your muscles is KEY. We suggest implementing dynamic stretching into your warmup and saving the static stretching for the end of your workout.

4. Find a workout buddy

Accountability can sometimes be the best form of inspiration. If you’ve had a particularly stressful day where all you want is to lounge on the couch, a friend inviting you to a Surge or yoga class might be all it takes to change your mindset. This is the best kind of peer pressure-the kind that BENEFITS your health!

5. Curate a playlist

If you’ve ever been to a class at Root you know that all of our classes feature high energy music. Music can help you if you are in a class such as STRONG by Zumba, that curates the movement to the beat of the music, but it can also serve to clear your mind and pump you up. Whether it’s music, a talk show or a podcast, find what works best for you to motivate you to take that next step, do that extra squat or push your form one step further, and go with it!

We cannot wait for the warm weather to set in and the active lifestyle of Hendersonville to amp back up. But in the meantime on this dreary day, we hope you’ve found some motivation to get moving from this blog post. We know it can be hard to get back into your routine after months, weeks or days off, but just know that it doesn’t matter what you do or how long you do it, the important thing is that you are doing something to benefit your health.