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So, What's Root Club All About?

We hear all the time that people are intimidated to come to a class or set foot in a gym that they’re not familiar with. That is where our idea for the Root Run Club came from. We wanted to create a space where people can get to know Root, without the intimidation factor. Although we strive to make our gym community welcoming to all, we understand that getting fit is a very personal experience. We want to help make it the best experience that it can be, so that you walk away from workouts feeling empowered, not defeated.

The Root Run Club is a great way to engage everyone in the community. It’s completely free, and welcome to everyone, even non-members. We meet up at Root at 5:30, so that even if you work, you can hop over after your day is done to join us! We take off outside (because it’s spring and it’s finally nice enough to run outside, woohoo!!) towards the greenways. We are so lucky to live in a community that invests in ways for our citizens to spend time outdoors, such as the greenways.

The important thing to remember about the Root Run Club is that we invite everyone, no matter their fitness level to participate. If you need to walk, walk! If you want to sprint, sprint! The important thing is that we start as a community. Our run club takes carries that sense of community by participating in local runs alongside each other, and encouraging each other every step of the way.

We hope you’ll join us to see what Run Club is all about, every Friday at 5:30, as long as the weather cooperates!