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It can be easy to get lost in comparing ourselves to others. We compare our clothes, how much money we make, the car we drive and yes, even our bodies. The trouble with this constant comparison is that it almost always sets us up for failure. We will always be able to find something about someone else that we wish for ourselves, so what’s the point? That is part of the mentality around Root’s newest program, Rootrition.

Because we want so badly to destroy the concept of gym-timidation at Root, we always encourage members to invest in themselves. By thinking of your fitness journey as a personal investment in self, you alleviate unnecessary inner competition, and make it harder on yourself to give up. When you’re motivated solely by the actions or money or bodies of other people, you will never succeed in making a true lifestyle change, it has to come from you and you alone.

Rootrition a program, launching officially November 3, where we bring your health and fitness full circle. Rootrition is a nutrition-based program where we focus on results. In our initial meeting you will weigh-in, take measurements, calculate BMI and take photos. Michelle will speak about ways to achieve success touching on topics like, portion control, clean eating, listening to your cravings, water intake, supplements and everyone’s favorite, rest.

Rootrition is a promise to yourself that for the next six weeks you will commit to bettering your body from the inside out. Through membership to the Rootrition program you will gain access to a private Facebook community of fellow Rootritioners where you can discuss obstacles, success, frustrations or ask questions.

Michelle Stanly is a NASM certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Weight Loss Specialist. She is also the fearless leader of Root Performance Fitness and creator of the Rootrition program. Her goal in starting Root Performance Fitness has always been to bring the personal training feel into the class environment. Rootrition is an extension of this goal.

If you are interested in jumpstarting the journey to your lifestyle change, stop by Root at 11:30 am, Saturday, October 27 to learn more. Michelle will be further explaining the program and answering any questions you may have. You can also take the opportunity to weigh-in, get measured and take your initial photos.

Rootrition is included in our monthly unlimited membership fee. For new members, you can join our Rootrition program for only $130 for six weeks. That’s TWO free weeks of unlimited classes! If you can’t make it to our info session on October 27 but still want to participate, call Michelle for an appointment at (828) 280-3110. Hope to see you there!