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Practicing Self Care

Self care means something different for everyone. For some it means taking a moment at the end of each day to sit in silence and meditate. To some it means exercising. For some it means pampering yourself. It can also mean something as simple as getting enough sleep.

Whatever self care means to you, we’re here to talk about its importance. The definition of self care is, “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.” You can see that even the dictionary doesn’t dictate what self care should mean to each person. Just like every person has a different way that they choose to exercise or eat in order to maintain physical health, each individual requires different methods of self care to maintain their mental and emotional health.

You have probably seen plenty of images on social media about how you can only give so much of yourself, and that is why self care is so important. It allows you to replenish what you might have given to others throughout the days, weeks, or years. It allows you to take a moment to focus on solely you and what relaxes you or makes you happy. Practicing self care regularly improves your physical and mental health and benefits the personal relationships in your life. We have all been around people who are overly stressed. Certain tones or words may be used that could damage an otherwise healthy relationship even though the root of the problem has nothing to do with the relationship as a whole. The same is true for our physical health. If you are overly stressed you might choose to allow unhealthy habits to enter your life simply due to ease. You might choose to eat out every meal to avoid cooking, or you might choose to forego your regular exercise routine because you don’t feel like you have the energy to put forth at the gym.

In the absence of self care, we give too much to everyone and everything around us until our tanks are running on empty. So, no matter how you choose to practice self care, practice it! It might be something as simple as taking a long drive through our beautiful mountains. Whatever it is, we challenge you to take some time for yourself this weekend and see if you feel rejuvenated in the coming week!