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HIIT Your Workout

If you’ve come to a class at Root you have probably noticed that we have a certain formula that we follow. All of our classes utilize a High Intensity Interval Training structure. This means that our classes are circuit based with somewhere between 30-45 seconds of work and 10-15 seconds of rest.

There are debates among the fitness community about what the best type of exercise is for your body. Research has concluded that regardless of age, gender, fitness level or expertise, HIIT style workouts can increase your physiological training response, reap a higher calorie burn and boost health benefits more efficiently and in less time than steady state programming.

These types of workouts are safe even for someone who is just embarking on their fitness journey. The 40-seconds on, 15-seconds off format allows for everyone to move at their own individual pace. We also believe that structuring our classes in a circuit style diminishes any sense of competition among participants. Everyone is giving their “all,” whatever that may be, and that is enough. You can focus on how your body is feeling in each station as opposed to trying to “keep up” with those around you. Additionally, because you are self-monitoring what your body can handle, you reduce the risk of injury from over-exertion.

As an added bonus, HIIT workouts are considered a form of “Metabolic Training.” Metabolic Training stimulates higher calorie burn for the entire workout and encourages the body to continue burning calories post-workout at a higher rate than steady state training. So when you are working out using the HIIT structure you really are doing the most for your body.

A lot of people who want to get in shape want to find the quickest and most pain-free way as possible. Even though we can’t guarantee that you won’t ever feel any muscle soreness, HIIT is proven to be the most efficient way to get in shape. HIIT can provide a quick and efficient method for improving both overall cardio stamina and muscular endurance so participants can eventually exercise harder, faster, longer and, ultimately, become very fit.

Our newest addition to HIIT classes is our STRONG by Zumba class, which we officially launched just this week! We will hold STRONG by Zumba classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45 pm, Fridays at 9:45 am and Sundays at 9 am. That was a lot of information, but as always, you can find our full schedule and sign up on our website or through our app. Drop-in classes for STRONG by Zumba are only $10!