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Find Your "Gymmunity"

Finding the motivation to workout can be hard. Finding the motivation to workout when it's below 30 degrees outside is almost impossible! Normally we ask for your ear on Fridays to talk a little bit about an aspect of healthy living the pertains to eating and/or working out. Today, we want to focus on your MENTAL health while working out, because having the right mindset puts you in the right headspace to get the most out of your workout.

We encourage our gym members to find an accountability buddy. Your accountability buddy doesn't have to be down your throat about every morsel of food that goes into your mouth. Your buddy's purpose also isn't to babysit you while you workout to make sure you're giving your workout your all. Accountability buddies work as a partnership. This partnership is built on the trust that you are both committing to a healthy lifestyle, and when things get tough you have each other's back for motivation. Making the commitment to yourself to start living healthy is a big step, but sometimes having a buddy helps to keep you on track.

At Root Performance Fitness you might notice that we always set up our stations so that two people can utilize one station at a time. Surprise, it's on purpose! We want you to have the option when you come to a class, to workout alongside a friend. We always preach the importance of community at our gym, and we like to think that this is another way that we enforce the importance of having each other's back.

Last week Michelle, and two members, Carly and John took on the Asheville Hot Chocolate 10k. Temperatures in the morning we below freezing, but the three show their true warrior colors and persevered through the cold to the finish line. Your fitness community is important! Who else can you depend on to run in freezing temperatures with if not your gym buddies. This race is a great example of how we take the bonds we make in the gym out into the real world. We always seek to find ways to engage members than simply through a class, like our celebration of National Cheese Pizza and Beer day when we gave our all in the morning Surge, and visited our neighbors at Triskelion and Marcos pizza to enjoy each other's company post-sweat.

We are so excited to take on another year in this community and hope that you will consider giving Root a try. If you haven't already taken advantage of our new member special, shoot us a message, we'd love to talk more. If you aren't ready to commit, try out a class, completely free of charge and obligation. You've got nothing to lose but a little sweat, and you might just be surprised at what you have to gain.