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Eat it all! (In moderation)

One of the hardest part about making a healthy lifestyle change are the things that you feel like you are “giving up.” Most of the time these “things” mean food. Other than food, all you threaten to give up is some of your free time to potentially dedicate to your fitness (but we will get there later!).

The thing is, you don’t have to deprive yourself. It’s like we talked about in our last post, one of the words that come to mind is restraint, but we are here to change your mentality! There really are no good or bad foods because every food contains nutrients that keeps our bodies going. The difference between foods is that some contain nutrients that not only keep our bodies going, but enhance the way that they are working.

We wanted to share a few tips on ways that you can practice moderation in your everyday life because moderation>restraint.

Pay Attention to Serving Size

One of the main things that help you practice moderation is paying attention to serving size. We live in a society where we are overfed a lot of the time. Restaurants are the biggest culprit for oversized portions. It is easier to practice moderation if you have a gameplan. I normally eat half of the meal and save the rest for the next day, which means I get to enjoy it twice AND I don’t walk away feeling stuffed. If you find yourself struggling to know when to stop eating, you could always request a carryout bag as soon as your meal arrives and put half of it away from the get-go for an “out of sight, out of mind” approach!

If you are eating at home I strongly encourage measuring your foods. You can purchase and inexpensive kitchen scale that will help you measure foods whose serving sizes are calculated by the ounce such as meat.

Slow it Down

I never eat until I’m full. As humans we are always looking for ways to be more efficient and speed up daily processes. One of the best examples of us speeding through things is how fast we all tend to eat. You can sit down for a family dinner and be done and cleaning up in no more than 15 minutes sometimes! I encourage everyone to slow down their eating so that their brain can catch up to their stomach. You would be amazed at how much of a difference taking a few extra minutes to eat can make in the amount you consume.

Eat More Often

That’s right people, I said it. Eat more often! Eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day helps to increase your metabolism. A great way to implement eating smaller meals more frequently is to take your measured out meal and half it. This helps to alleviate you having to make 5-6 unique meals every single day, and allows you to enjoy your delicious cooking more than once!

Listen to your Cravings

Of course you are allowed to enjoy the junkier foods, but there are things you can do to cut down on their impact on your body. If you are enjoying chips take out your portion size and then put the bag away. Eating right out of the bag encourages mindless eating and the key to moderation is being mindful. If you are craving chocolate or a cookie then EAT a piece of chocolate or a cookie! Notice I said “a,” because we can have the foods we want, but it’s important to stay away from bingeing. Remember, it’s better to have less of something that is tasty, than to not have it at all.

We hope that some of these tips helped you in beginning to think about small changes that you can make in your eating habits to encourage your healthy lifestyle. Our business is fitness, but your diet makes up 80% of a healthy life, so it’s only fair to share the facts!

Coming in October we are excited to announce our Rootrition program. We wanted to be able to help the person as a whole on their health journey, and that journey isn’t only about fitness. Your weight is 80% dictated by what you eat and only 20% by your exercise. Through this program we will set personal goals, go over meal plans and structure a program custom to the member! Stay tuned for more information, coming soon!