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Don't Get Down, Get Creative

It can be discouraging when you put the time and effort into your workout routine and properly taking care of yourself, but somehow you still end up injured. The idea that you might have to take time off and risk losing all of the progress you’ve made can be frustrating and might even make you want to push through your injury in hopes that it will heal itself, especially if it’s taken you some time to fully commit to your workout routine.

We’ve talked a lot about getting back into your fitness routine after coming out of winter hibernation, but we haven’t stressed the importance of taking it slow when you first start back. The last thing that we would want to encourage to our members and readers of this blog is to hit your workouts full throttle. It’s better to start slow and ease your body back into working out versus overstressing your muscles and ending up hurt.

Of course, there is always the possibility of injury, even if you are doing everything right. If you’ve been in to the gym or had a conversation with Michelle lately you might have heard about the ailments that she deals with on a daily basis. Her back has been an ongoing battle, but more recently she suffered from a conjoined root and torn meniscus on her left knee (caused from a 15-year old injury that happened with a personal trainer), followed by flaring in her right knee and ankle, which appeared during a race. Some of these injuries are long-term--caused by traumas Michelle had in her childhood.

During that race, Michelle was able to adjust her stride to alleviate pressure so that her hard training work didn’t go to waste. Our point is this, move in ways that are comfortable and safe for your body, but don’t give up. Nobody wants to experience unexpected swelling while they are actively working out, but sometimes you have to adjust the way you’re moving. If you are having trouble with your knees from running, try weight lifting or focusing on strengthening another part of your body to give the irritated area a rest.

The important message we want to get across to everyone reading is not to give up on your fitness just because you hit a potential roadblock. Michelle is resting her knees and ankles, which is why Root Run Club is on pause. Is this what she wanted? Absolutely not. But taking care of your body and muscles has to be your priority. If we only focus on how big our muscles are or the number on the scale you risk losing sight of messages your body is sending you. So pay attention and when life presents an obstacle, get creative!