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Consistency = Results

We all either know or have been that person who only maintains a healthy lifestyle when they are in “weight loss mode.” Maybe you only want to lose a couple pounds, so you hit the ground running with a super intense regimen, only to completely drop off when you reach your goal. What most people don’t realize is that consistency in your nutrition and workout routine is key to maintaining and continuing weight loss. Why is that?

You might’ve heard it said that when dealing with children, a routine is your best friend. Turns out, that’s also true in adulthood. Our bodies function much better when we have a routine that we stick to. Having a consistent routine allows us to put our minds on autopilot; meaning that we are able to tackle more difficult tasks if they are a part of our routine--for instance, working out in the mornings.

Think about it this way. If one week you workout every day and only splurge one meal, but then the next week you eat out every day and don’t workout at all, you won’t see progress in your fitness or nutrition. Lack of consistency can also lead to a yo-yo diet lifestyle where you only pay attention to your health when you want to lose a certain amount of weight. This puts added stress on your body since, instead of building a good foundation, you build a shaky one that is abandoned before it’s even cemented.

You might find yourself complaining that you don’t feel like your runs, weight lifting or HIIT classes are getting any easier, and lack of consistency is a direct link. So how do you stay consistent? Plan ahead! Consider using part of your weekend to meal prep. A high percentage of people eat out because they don’t have anything at home to eat or don’t feel like cooking. If you get your cooking done for the week ahead of time, there is less room for excuses. You could also write down the reasons that you WANT to be consistent. Do you want to workout in the mornings because you already have an evening routine you don’t want to give up? That’s a great reason to inspire you to continue your morning workouts!

Don’t believe us when we say consistency is key? Don’t take our word for it. A study completed at Drexel shows that consistency is one of the most important aspects in achieving your long term weight and fitness goals. Read more about it here.