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Allergies Keeping You Down? No More!

Allergies are killer this year. Our gym is inside, but when it comes to pop up classes or our run club, pollen can be the sole reason someone isn’t able to attend. We wanted to take a moment to provide some helpful information about allergies in relation to your workout regimen, that might actually help you combat allergies from affecting your fitness this spring.

Throughout the winter as we’ve said, it can be easy to slack on your workout routine, but when the warmer months come and allergies attack, you might FEEL unable to workout. It can be discouraging to attempt and outdoor activity only for allergies to confine your ability to give it your all.

You shouldn’t have to change your entire life just because of pollen in the air, but we understand that allergies impact everyone in different ways with different severity. Luckily our classes in the gym don’t require outside laps or exposure to the pollen. A study performed in Australia actually showed that regular exercise can improve the symptoms of severe hay fever. Continuing to exercise can help to strengthen your respiratory system, adding power to your lungs. This same study showed that stress is also a contributor to the impact of hay fever on your body. These two reasons are enough for us to encourage you to keep up with working out!

We love to have our #RootFitFam engaged in any way possible, so if you can’t attend a Run Club or Pop Up Class because the pollen is too much, don’t let that impact your entire fitness plan. Instead, consider attending some of our amazing group classes where you will learn the different ways to strengthen your body. Then, when the pollen count lessens, hit the trails with us for a lively Run Club or attend a Pop Up Class outdoors! Continuing with a consistent schedule will lessen stress and you might even notice an improvement of allergy symptoms. If you’re looking for a more natural remedy to treating allergies rather than medicine, try local honey. When you ingest honey made from the pollen all around you, your body begins to build an immunity, so a spoonful of honey a day might actually keep the doctor away!

We encourage our members in every class to listen to their body if something is too much. The same goes for dealing with allergies while taking a workout class. If you experience trouble breathing or you have a coughing fit, listen to your body that you need a short break.