12 Consecutive Days of Team Training for $12.00! Call for more Info!


At Root Performance we have classes for all Fitness levels. From those that are just getting started, to those who are looking to take their fitness journey to the next level. Decreased range of motion? Worried about high impact exercises? We can modify any/all exercises needed in any class! Checkout our schedule and sign up today!!


High Intensity Interval classes that will always push your limits by taking everyday movements to a whole different level. 


The combination of  cardio and strength will always keep your mind and body guessing, as no workout is ever the same. Get ready for exceptional results!!

Amplified Tabata

Amplified Tabata is a high intensity class that will push your cardio and strength endurance to the edge, This whole body workout is all about the experience!

This class is great for all fitness levels. Team training! Motivating, encouraging, FUN, and makes time fly by!!

Silver Fundamentals

Focuses on the fundamentals to perfect form. 

A small group fitness class for seniors, focusing on strength, balance, and core training. 

New Heart Rate Tracking App by FitMetrix! 

  • Great communication tools to notify our members of upcoming events and promos.

  • Members can book classes and pay right from their phone.

  • Members will now be able to track their workouts inside or outside of Root.

Root's Pledge

  • We offer Smaller Classes with Certified Instructors

  • ​Personal Training Feel within a Class Setting

  • Classes are for all fitness levels, with modifications if needed 

  • Workouts are Fun, Safe, and Pain Free

  • Workouts Focus on Body, Mind and Spirit

  • Workouts Always Change = Reach Goals Faster

  • We Assure that Proper Form is Being Used

  • Workouts with Proper Form = Pain Free, Less Chance for Injury

  • Workouts with Proper Form = Proper Muscles Working 

  • Root Heart Rate Training App for Classes at your Fingertips

  • Community 


Surge & Amplified Tabata

$130 - Monthly Unlimited   

$695 - 6 Month Unlimited

(paid in full)

$1,260 - 12 Month Unlimited

(paid in full)

Drop In 

$20 - Single Class

$180 - 10 Class Punch Card

$360 - 20 Class Punch card

Silver Fundamentals

$110 - Monthly Unlimited

Drop In

$18 - Single Class

$162 - 10 Class Punch Card

$324 - 20 Class Punch Card

*Corporate, trainer, teacher/student, military, and law enforcement discounts available, contact us for more info. Also, for each additional household member that signs up for the monthly unlimited, only pays $95 a month.

Classes at your fingertips!

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Classes at your fingertips!!

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