Root Performance Fitness! Where members/clients come to sweat in a fun, safe environment! We strive to create a positive, encouraging atmosphere, where all fitness levels can sweat comfortably. Our classes are in a team environment, where everyone encourages, motivates, and supports each other one exercise at a time!


Our trainers are hands on, and always checking for perfect form. Our workouts are high intensity, and always pushing you to your limits! We incorporate Corrective Exercises within each class, for a pain free workout.
Come join our community, the start to a healthier you.Your first class is FREE! Nothing to lose but a little bit of sweat!

Root's Pledge

  • We offer Smaller Classes with Certified Instructors

  • ​Personal Training Feel within a Class Setting

  • Classes are for all fitness levels, with modifications if needed 

  • Workouts are Fun, Safe, and Pain Free

  • Workouts Focus on Body, Mind and Spirit

  • Workouts Always Change = Reach Goals Faster

  • We Assure that Proper Form is Being Used

  • Workouts with Proper Form = Pain Free, Less Chance for Injury

  • Workouts with Proper Form = Proper Muscles Working 

  • Root App for Classes at your Fingertips

  • Community 


"Cherish is an Excellent Trainer and a plus for Root Performance Fitness Family. With the membership swiftly growing, no one will fall through the cracks with Michelle! They both go above and beyond the call of duty because it’s the way of their ♥️ hearts!!! Come give it a try, you will love the program the atmosphere and most of all the RESULTS!!!"  

Fonda Owen

"What a great new addition to the beautiful town of Hendersonville!! I’ve been attending classes 4-5 days a week for 2 months now!! Coming from several years of crossfit I was not sure what to expect. But I love working out here. Michelle provides great hands on training and is always there to help you perfect your form. It’s high intensity and a ton of fun!! So cool to be a part of a local community that help one another and hold each other accountable. Highly recommend you check this place out!"

Jeff Cyr

"I first met with Michelle on February 2nd with the intention of setting up a weekly one on one training. I had been feeling disconnected from my body, in my head too much, knowing I was out of shape and overweight. I was worried my neck and back and bladder issues would prohibit me from getting any meaningful exercise. At that first visit, Michelle reassured me that she could work with me, that I would be able to work out hard without hurting myself further. She encouraged me to meet with her three times a week, and I immediately signed on for four weeks. I've been so grateful I made that decision! I have never left a session feeling sore, or with any neck or back pain. Instead of leaving exhausted, I walk out feeling exhilarated. MIchelle took the time to watch my form in various exercises, they way I walk and hold my body, and made modifications and suggestions as I progressed through that first month. By mid March I had graduated to classes three times a week. I'm now working out five times a week and absolutely love it!"

Sandra Voss

"First of all, this is the first gym I've ever gone to where I've actually LOST WEIGHT! Michelle is the most supportive trainer I've ever had and I've been to just about every type of gym there is out there from giant gyms, small gyms, boxing gyms, barre classes.. At RPF, an hour passes so quickly, I never stare at the clock here. Michelle focuses on form to make sure I don't hurt myself, once she even noticed when I slept funny and had a kink in my neck and she helped me roll out my sore muscles! I love that Michelle understands that even though we want to tone up and loose weight, she still understands that we want our beer and pizza on the weekends! I'm so so grateful that I've found Michelle and that I'm part the RPF community. I love my new family!"

Angela Ruggles

Root Performance Fitness

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